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Commissioner of the Revenue

100 East Main Street
Box 5
Floyd, Virginia 24091

Phone: (540) 745-9345
Fax: (540) 745-9346

Regular Office Hours: 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m., Monday – Friday

Office Staff:

Lisa D. Baker, Commissioner of Revenue

Bonnie Heinline , Chief Deputy

Janine Butterworth , Deputy

Barbara Turner , Deputy

The US Internal Revenue Service

Reach the IRS at www.irs.gov. The site provides Internal Revenue Service information and downloadable IRS forms.

GIS information is online at www.floydcova.org/webgis

Virginia Department of Taxation

Visit the State Department of Taxation at www.tax.virginia.gov where you can find Virginia Department of Taxation Individual and business tax information and downloadable forms.

For a link to search Floyd County's Property Tax Assessment Data online, click here.

Commissioner of the Revenue

Dedicated to serving the citizens of Floyd County in an efficient and effective manner. Our office is located on the second floor of the Courthouse on the corner of Main Street and Locust Street.

Our responsibilities include Personal Property assessments, Real Estate deed transfers and assessments, new construction assessments, Land Use, State Income preparation and submission, Business Tangible Tax assessment and Tax Relief for the elderly and handicap. We encourage Floyd County residents to report their personal property yearly. If a person is a resident in Floyd County January 1 of each year they are required to report to the Commissioner of the Revenue by May 1 , the vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, boats, business equipment and merchants capital owned January 1 of that year. It is also beneficial to notify our office of change of addresses and if you move out of the county. Floyd is not a pro-rating county, therefore what you own January 1 of each year is taxable for the entire year. However, you are not obligated to pay another locality for the same year for personal property. To assist our taxpayers personal property forms are mailed annually.

The Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998 allows a certain percentage to be deducted from your tax bill,if your vehicles meet certain criteria.  These vehicles will qualify if they are not greater than 7500 pounds, owned by a natural person and used for non-business purposes. Non qualifying vehicles are: Any vehicle with a gross weight greater than 7,500 pounds, owned or leased in the name of a business, used in the name of a business 50% of the mileage for the year or depreciation deducted for Federal Income tax purposes as 50% or more used for a business.

Real Estate transfers are processed in our office and real estate information is changed to reflect the owner of the property January 1 of that tax year. Again we are not a pro-rated county and real estate transfers recorded after January 1 of the tax year will not reflect that owner. Arrangement of real estate taxes in such cases are usually handled by the attorney handling the closing.  Reassessment of real estate dates are set by the Floyd County Board of Supervisors.  Beginning the 2004 taxable year annual real estate taxes assessed within the county shall be paid in two equal semi-annual installments, the first installment being due and payable on or before June 5 of the taxable year and the second or remaining installment shall be due and payable on or before December 5 of the taxable year. All new buildings substantially completed or fit for use and occupancy prior to November 1 of completion shall be assessed when so complete or fit for use or occupancy. This ordinance shall not be effective in any year in which a general reassessment is conducted except for new Class Four buildings (Industrial/Commercial). All other new construction is picked up on a yearly basis.

Floyd County has a Land Use Program for Agriculture and Horticulture. Applications are accepted between Oct 1- Dec 31 of each year. There are requirements for qualification and documents that must be provided to complete land use applications. Please feel free to contact the office for more information.

Tax Relief for the elderly and disabled is available to persons at least sixty-five years of age or persons determined to be permanently and totally disabled, subject to the restrictions and conditions contained in the Ordinance establishing the exemption of real estate taxation for the elderly and disabled in the County of Floyd, Virginia.

The Commissioner of the Revenue is an elected constitutional officer who serves a four year term. Lisa was elected in 2011 and started her term as Commissioner in January 2012. She has eight years prior experience in the office. She welcomes all questions and suggestions.


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