Business Development

Floyd County encourages good, community-friendly business development to provide local jobs and investment. The high-quality education system, advanced telecommunication system, strong workforce, and low-tax environment make Floyd County the ideal location for small to medium-sized businesses. For more information, please see Starting/Expanding a Small Business, Demographics/Workforce Info, Sites and Spaces Available, Business-Friendly Location, and Regional Assets and Resources. For more information, please call the Floyd County Economic Development Office at 540-745-9300

The ABC’s of Floyd County

Our assets insure your success.

Able, Available, and Affordable Workforce
Advanced Technology in Floyd Regional Commerce Center
Advanced Technology in Floyd Regional Commerce Center

Broadband – Now!

Convenient to Virginia Tech, Radford University, Roanoke and NC Piedmont
Community Growth  & Vitality
Community Growth & Vitality
Diverse, attractive properties