Circuit Court

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of Virginia


Floyd County Courthouse
100 East Main Street
Room 200
Floyd, Virginia 24091

Phone: (540) 745-9330
Fax: (540) 745-9303 (Court Work Only)

Office Hours:
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday


Rhonda T. Vaughn, Clerk
Danah T. Howell, Deputy Clerk
Joan M. Slusher, Deputy Clerk
Lyndsay de Gastyne, Deputy Clerk


Honorable K. Mike Fleenor, Jr. (Resident Judge)
Honorable Brett L. Geisler
Honorable Josiah T. Showalter, Jr. 
Honorable H. Lee Harrell
Honorable R M D Turk
Honorable Bradley W. Finch (Chief Judge)

FOIA Contact: Rhonda T. Vaughn

General Information

Terms begin first Tuesday of January, April, July & October
Grand Juries, first day of Term, 9:00 AM

Cases set by agreement of counsel and consent of court.  Contact the Court to set hearings up to 4 hours, otherwise a praecipe is required.

Court convenes at 9:30 AM every Tuesday.

Commissioners utilized at the request of counsel or by Order of Court.

Court cases may be accessed at

Virginia Judicial System Information Forms:


Land Records Information

GIS information is online at

Deeds and other land instrument fee calculations

The land records can be accessed in person at the Clerk of Court’s Office at 100 East Main Street in the Town of Floyd. Indices to land records are computerized from 1970 to date. Other indices as judgments, financing statements, wills, etc. are computerized from January 1, 1994 to date. All prior records are in bound books.

Secure remote access of images of land records are online. Indices would also be online. If you would be interested in accessing these records, and willing to pay a quarterly fee, please contact us.

Dial-in to indices is available through modem access by sign-up with Clerk. An access fee will be charged.


Floyd County Historical Society

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