Over 1,000 Information/Computer Degrees were conferred in 2002/2003 within 30 miles of Floyd.* There are 33 Higher Education institutions within 60 aerial miles of Floyd, including Wake Forest University.

Assoc. Bachelors Masters Ph.D’s
Computer/Information Science 84 226 115 1
Management Information Science 71 72
Computer Engineering, General 8 136 16 1
Elec./Electronic/Communications Engineering 59 151 126 25
TOTAL 222 585 257 27

Source: National Center for Education Statistics/IPEDS

Floyd County High School offers a state of the art training facility in the field of Welding and Machining, Building Trades, Design, Cisco Training & Certification, CAD, architectural classes, Computer repair, and Digital Imaging

Miller Synchrowave machine:

  • Tungsten-arc welding
  • Mig-welding
  • Stick welding

Other processes taught:

  • Air-carbon arc gouging
  • Plasma cutting
  • Acetylene-torch cutting
  • Truck-torch cutting
  • CNC cutting machine

Floyd County High School also provides:

  • Cisco Training & Certification
  • CAD, architectural classes
  • Computer repair
  • Digital imaging

Floyd County High School (“Buffaloes”):

  • 21 students enrolled in Welding this year (39 registered)
  • 90% of these seniors are Certified in Welding upon graduation (AWS and ASME)
  • 80% of these would like to stay in Floyd if good employment (others on to college)
  • Established and expanding Apprenticeship Program

New River Community College provides:

  • CNC, Statistical Process Control, etc.
  • Computer Aided Drafting/Design
  • Electronics/Instrumentation/Electrical
  • Information Technology
  • Instrumentation Technology

Today Floyd County is the only school in VA with dual enrollment welding credit at Community College. New River Community College is only community college in wider region (from Roanoke to Marion) that has a welding program. Additionally, 42 students in Agriculture classes at Floyd County High School learn basic welding skills.


57% of the labor force commutes out of the County (Labor force is over 7,000 people). Most would prefer to work in the County. Out commuting and self-employment are why unemployment is low.